About Us

Health is wealth and time is money, good living entails good feeding
Having access to quality, fresh and good food is what we all wish for but we all have difficulties due to the nature of our jobs. Our busy schedules especially those in cities like Douala find it very difficult to maintain a balance between work and managing the home.

Nwakap is here to save you from all the stress you would have encountered, having to leave the office exhausted or to sacrifice your weekend rest at the comfort of your home, driving through traffic to the market, finding a place safe enough to park while avoiding hoodlums from breaking into your car and council officers, the dirty nature of some of the markets or being attack by thieves (Pick Pockets), having to negotiate with the sellers and finally driving back home or boarding a taxi or a bike with the risk of an accident.

Nwakap provides your market on a smart phone, tablet and laptop, desktop so you can breeze through your shopping list in just under 3 minutes and receive all your items conveniently delivered at your doorpost.
We especially support women to achieve success on the home front as well as meet their career goals without having to worry about providing healthy meals for their families. For those in the diaspora, they are not forgotten for they can as well order for their traditional foodstuffs and get it delivered.

They can as well place orders and deliveries be made for their love ones at home, ensuring they eat healthy and feel your care from thousands of kilometres away.
We also help restaurants and hotels with sourcing of foodstuffs on a large scale and delivery for daily use.
We as well help corporates source food items on a large scale for special events e.g. end of year food bundle gifts: for community welfare outreaches. 

Our Story

It was this Wednesday afternoon, I had left home earlier in the morning for work with my wife as I had to drop her before heading to my jobsite. My mom was the only person left at home as she was not feeling too well with some serious waist pain. Later in the day around 2pm, I got a distress call from her as she was in need of some fruits and requested for a special dish that she will like to eat, as many of us when sick.

I was so tied up at work as so was my wife and we usually close late, when the markets must have shot down and we will not have an opportunity to get the fruits for her and foodstuffs that we will prepare what she had requested for earlier. For it has been days she since last ate and we were at least happy she had requested for something.

I felt really bad and thought if there was a platform that I could purchase the food items from and get delivered at my doorstep, I would have done so, so she could at least have the fruits, before we will return later in the evening to prepare what she requested.

That was when this idea came to mind as I know many of us have had such and different situations but had no remedy due to our tight schedules. 

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